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IC: You find yourself on a large farm in autumn. The weather is brisk and cool, and there seems to be some sort of fall festival going on: there's pumpkin-carving, corn mazes, hayrides, bobbing for apples, you name it! What do you do?</i>

OOC: Open post! Bring in your characters from any and all games/verses/timelines/etc. Canon, OC, AU, crack... it's all good. There really aren't any rules to this, other than "don't do things to keep other players from having fun", like godmodding, fourthwalling without permission, or destroying the farm. (THAT SAID, if you want your character to destroy something/kill someone/whatever and you can't find another player to play it out with, feel free to just make up an item/NPC for them to ruin. Just keep it to your own thread-- or start a new thread-- so that people who don't want to have their characters react to it don't have to.) Other than that, comment to whoever you want, with whoever you want, in any format that you want (actionspam/prose/etc.). The setting is flexible-- it's a huge property with woods, fields, barns, a farmhouse, etc., so make up plausible items/sights/attractions/etc. at your leisure. If you want to know if you can do something, the answer is YES.
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