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Who: Azula (peoplesprincess), Zuko (futurefirelord)
What: A chance meeting
Where: The wilds of the Earth Kingdom
When: The one hundredth year of the war; mid-spring
Why: Because season 2-era Azula and Zuko interactions are always fun

On this particular day, she was about a mile and a half from camp when she suddenly got the feeling that she was being watched.Collapse )

Who: Azula (peoplesprincess), Quatre Winner (sandrocker)
What: Talking!
Where: An unnamed multidimensional internet community
When: early March
Why: Because we say so

Am I alone here?Collapse )

Who: Itsuki Koizumi (knowthatiknow), Kyonko (kyonko_narrates)
What: Discussion and internet friendship
Where: A multidimensional internet newsgroup
When: early March
Why: Come on, you know the big reveal will be glorious

Normally I'm more of an in-person player...Collapse )

stock- eggy


Posted by banerry on 2009.12.09 at 01:40
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IC: You find yourself in a gigantic mansion, surrounded by food, presents, decorations, and lots of other confused people. What do you do?

OOC: Open post! Bring in your characters from any and all games/verses/timelines/etc. Canon, OC, AU, crack... it's all good. There really aren't any rules to this, other than "don't do things to keep other players from having fun", like godmodding, fourthwalling without permission, or destroying the entire party mansion. (THAT SAID, if you want your character to destroy something/kill someone/whatever, feel free to just make up an extra room/item/NPC for them to ruin. Just keep it to your own thread-- or start a new thread-- so that people who don't want to have their characters react to it don't have to.) Other than that, comment to whoever you want, with whoever you want, in any format that you want (actionspam/prose/etc.). The setting is flexible-- it's a huge mansion with a lot of space inside and outside, so make up rooms/items/sights/attractions/etc. at your leisure. If you want to know if you can do something, the answer is YES.

Who: Ty Lee (beatsupboys), Phineas Flynn (gonnadoitall)
What: Random discussion and possibly a face-to-face meeting!
Where: Somewhere in the multiverse
When: late November
Why: Just for fun~!

Did the scientists do this?Collapse )

Who: Lisa Cuddy (asitcouldbe), Azula (next_fire_lord)
What: Absolute crack
Where: Somewhere in the multiverse
When: mid-November

After having woken up at a desk that was definitely not hers...Collapse )

Who: Ty Lee (beatsupboys), Azula (next_fire_lord)
What: Celebrating Ty Lee's birthday
Where: atladressing
When: early August
Why: Fun!

The universe was working in her favor today-- Ty Lee was sure of it.Collapse )

stock- eggy

Character List

Posted by banerry on 2009.01.12 at 14:11
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